What Happens if a Parent Doesn’t Pay Child Maintenance?

Child maintenance payments have been a hot topic throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, many single parents have seen their child maintenance payments reduced or stopped because of the financial impact of COVID-19. But what happens if a parent doesn’t pay child maintenance?  […]

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£125 million domestic abuse support funding for councils

Good news in the fight against domestic violence! Local councils have been allocated £125 million by the government to provide domestic abuse support for victims and their children. Amid a surge in domestic violence cases during COVID-19 related national lockdowns, the government is stepping up efforts to tackle the issue. […]

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UK Family Law in 2021: Holland Family Law Leicester Preview

Although we start 2021 in yet another lockdown, we wish you a ‘Happy New Year’. Amid the national lockdown, Holland Family Law is still operating on a remote basis, which means you can call us, get in touch via our website, email us or send us a message via our social media channels – you [...]

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The Importance of Getting Legal Advice Early When Divorcing

A recent report commissioned by Resolution highlights the importance of getting legal advice early when divorcing. Following a new poll that reveals the shocking impact of divorce, Resolution is urging people getting divorced to find reliable legal representation, while calling on the government to make accessing lawyers easier. […]

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16 Days of Action Against Domestic Violence | A National Campaign

25 November – 10 December marks 16 Days of Action Against Domestic Violence a national campaign aimed at UK businesses in helping them spot the signs of staff suffering domestic abuse. Holland Family Law is fully backing this campaign and is offering training to any UK company that wants to get involved. […]

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How Does Family Law Tackle Coercive Control Cases?

Not all domestic abuse is physical… it takes many forms, one of which is coercive control. Cases of coercive behaviour can crossover from family law into criminal law, often making the process unpredictable and tricky. This blog outlines what is classed as coercive control and what a family lawyer can do to help. […]

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What is a Non-Molestation Order?

If you are the victim of domestic abuse, you can obtain a Non-Molestation Order against your abuser. A Non-Molestation Order is one of two types of order available, the other is an Occupation Order, as part of the Family Law Act 1996. Our specialist domestic abuse support team can help you secure a Non-Molestation Order. [...]

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Holland Family Law Celebrates Third Anniversary

“Holland Family Law celebrated its third anniversary in August. What a year it’s been! 2020 has been a challenge for us all. The coronavirus pandemic has really tested the resilience of my business these last few months. I’ve had a mix of good and bad days, but there have been many highlights.” – Claire Holland. [...]

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Do You Need a Family Law Lawyer?

You can deal with any family law issue yourself, without the need to involve a family law lawyer. However, one wrong ticked box on a legal document or your signature on a badly drafted agreement can end up costing you more than you bargained for. There’s value in hiring a family law lawyer. Here’s why… [...]

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How to Change Your Name after Divorce

If you’re a woman who took her husband’s name when getting married, it’s likely that you will want to revert to your maiden name following a divorce. There are a couple of ways you can change your name after divorce. Here’s how… […]

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