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How to Change a Child’s Name as Mum when Dad Has Parental Responsibility

A common question we get asked by Mums is ‘can I change my child’s name when dad has parental responsibility?’ The answer is that ‘it’s possible’, especially if dad has no relationship with the child, his whereabouts are unknown, and you have made every effort to make contact. […]

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How Does Family Law Tackle Coercive Control Cases?

Not all domestic abuse is physical… it takes many forms, one of which is coercive control. Cases of coercive behaviour can crossover from family law into criminal law, often making the process unpredictable and tricky. This blog outlines what is classed as coercive control and what a family lawyer can do to help. […]

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Domestic Violence Support for the LGBTQ Community

Holland Family Law recently expanded its domestic violence support services to better help victims of abuse from a legal perspective. Anyone can become a victim of domestic abuse regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, background, social status or sexuality. We’re here to support all victims of abuse, including members of the LGBTQ community. […]

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Coronavirus, child arrangements and separated parents

The coronavirus lockdown in the UK has raised questions about child arrangements and separated parents. Initially, there was confusion over the rules when Michael Gove suggested that children should ‘remain in the house they’re in.’ However, he has since apologised for causing confusing. So, where do things stand? […]

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Holland Family Law Leicester Response to the Coronavirus Epidemic

Amid the coronavirus epidemic, Holland Family Law is taking all necessary precautions and following up-to-date government guidelines in the interests of protecting our clients and our staff. Until further notice, these are the steps we’re taking to continue operating as a business to serve you. […]

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School Holidays and Child Arrangement Order Disputes

With the Easter holidays fast approaching, child arrangement order disputes between parents can arise. School holidays can be a contentious time for separated parents, with disagreements over where children should spend their time. The question is, how can child arrangement order disputes be resolved amicably? […]

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Who pays divorce costs?

Typically, the general rule is that both parties will pay their own legal fees – e.g. the cost of hiring a family lawyer – while the person filing for divorce, known as the petitioner, will be responsible for paying Court fees and any other costs incurred during the divorce process. However, it is possible for [...]

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What is a Financial Remedy Order?

Getting your funds and assets sorted following a divorce or separation can be overwhelming, but it’s got to be done. However, coming to an agreement with your ex-spouse or partner isn’t always straightforward, which is why a financial remedy order may be needed. […]

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Do You Need a Family Law Lawyer?

You can deal with any family law issue yourself, without the need to involve a family law lawyer. However, one wrong ticked box on a legal document or your signature on a badly drafted agreement can end up costing you more than you bargained for. There’s value in hiring a family law lawyer. Here’s why… [...]

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Contested divorce and uncontested divorce | what’s the difference?

When serving your spouse with divorce papers, they have the option to contest or agree to the divorce. An uncontested divorce makes the process quicker, keeping your case out of the Courts and your costs down. A contested divorce typically takes longer, usually requires Court intervention and costs much more. […]

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