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How to Change Your Name after Divorce

If you’re a woman who took her husband’s name when getting married, it’s likely that you will want to revert to your maiden name following a divorce. There are a couple of ways you can change your name after divorce. Here’s how… […]

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Making Sense of Legal Divorce Terms | Divorce Glossary – Part Two

In part two of Holland Family Law’s ‘making sense of legal divorce terms’ series, we explain some of the terminology used when it comes to sorting out your finances in the midst of a divorce. If you’re unsure of any legal terms to do with finances during the divorce process, refer to our glossary. [...]

What NOT to do when getting a divorce

Divorce can cause emotions to run high and tempers to flare, which can cause you to do things that could harm your case if it goes to court. Here’s a list of things you should NOT do when getting a divorce, to help you avoid giving your spouse ammunition to use against you. […]

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What is a Form E Financial Statement in Divorce?

If you’re in the process of obtaining a divorce or separation, you and your ex-spouse are expected to provide a full, honest, relevant and ongoing financial disclosure to each other, giving full details of your financial circumstances. This is done through a Form E financial statement outlining your financial order but what is it? [...]

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What is Parental Alienation? How Do You Fight Parental Alienation Legally?

Following your divorce, has your child become more hostile towards you without justification? Are you being denied access to your child despite sharing custody with your ex-spouse? It’s possible that you’re the victim of parental alienation. Here’s how to deal with parental alienation legally. […]

What is a Separated Parents Information Programme?

In most divorce cases, when parents cannot agree on child arrangements, the Family Court is asked to intervene and make a decision. As part of the process, the Court will instruct parents to attend a Separated Parents Information Programme (SPIP), but what is a SPIP and what does it involve? […]

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What is a Divorce Pension Sharing Order?

In July 2019, the Pension Advisory Group (PAG) published a report outlining the treatment of pensions following divorce. Pensions are difficult to value and difficult to divide. A divorce pension sharing order is a solution, but what is it? […]

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What is the Child Arrangements Programme?

The Child Arrangements Programme (CAP) was recently reviewed by the Private Law Working Group in response to a consultation commissioned by the President of the Family Division of the High Court. This blog explains what the CAP is and how it applies to child arrangements for divorcing or separating couples. The Family Division of the [...]

When will no fault divorce begin in UK?

No fault divorce has hit the headlines frequently in the last 12 months. A number of high-profile cases have exposed the need for no blame divorce to replace archaic laws. Family lawyers across the UK are urging the government to back the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill, but when will no fault divorce begin in [...]

Holland Family Law Firm Leicester Celebrates Second Year in Business

“It’s been nearly two years since I established Holland Family Law Firm Leicester. My second year operating as an independent family lawyer has been immensely rewarding. Many milestones have been reached, with more exciting things happening in the next few weeks, too. Here’s a look back at some highlights.” Claire Holland. […]

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