It’s sad, but true… recorded domestic abuse reports among men and women in the UK are alarming. What’s worse is that thousands of domestic abuse incidents go unreported, mainly because victims live in fear. When domestic abuse cases require legal intervention, a sensitive and professional approach is needed.

“Domestic abuse cases are some of the most difficult to deal with on an emotional level. Getting a family lawyer involved takes a huge amount of courage and trust. For me personally, I consider it an honour when a person subjected to any type of abuse is brave enough to talk to me about what is a highly sensitive issue.”

– Claire Holland.

Holland Family Law’s immediate aim when dealing with domestic abuse cases is to protect the victims of domestic violence. We serve to listen, support and advise, helping you in the best way that we can.

We acknowledge that talking openly to a stranger about something so personal can be daunting, especially because it involves talking about an abusive spouse or family member. However, rest assured that our patient, sensitive approach, gives you the space and time you need to explain your circumstances and your current situation.

Here to Help with Domestic Abuse Cases

domestic abuse case

Holland Family Law is here to help with your domestic abuse case.

Holland Family Law serves to offer you practical and emotional support to help you through what is an incredibly tough situation. On an emotional level, we’re here to listen and understand, without passing judgement.

We deal with domestic abuse and injunction cases in the strictest confidence, with a view to getting cases solved as quickly as possible, in order to avoid adding further stress to what is already an emotional situation.

On a practical level, we can draft a simple letter to be sent to your partner, which outlines your concerns and complaints. If matters are more serious, we can submit an application to the court for a ‘Non-Molestation Injunction and/or Occupation Order’ to protect you from further acts of domestic violence.

In serious cases, we can support you in recommending additional help with things like rehousing, your children and contacting the police.

If you are subjected to threatening behaviour, harassment, violence, or emotional, sexual or psychological abuse from your partner or family member, then Holland Family Law can help to protect you.

domestic violence case

If you’ve been subjected to domestic abuse, contact Holland Family Law.

You can expect a personal, supportive service that sticks by you to get the best possible outcome for your case. Hiring Holland Family Law to deal with your domestic abuse case will save you time, money and further emotional turmoil.

If you’re the victim of domestic abuse, the law is on your side, protecting the most vulnerable people in society. With this in mind, we will advise you on the best course of action to take.

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Are you a victim of domestic abuse?  

Male or female, talk to me, Claire Holland family lawyer, in confidence. Give me a call on 0116 436 2170 or email for confidential, professional legal advice for domestic abuse cases.