A recent report commissioned by Resolution highlights the importance of getting legal advice early when divorcing. Following a new poll that reveals the shocking impact of divorce, Resolution is urging people getting divorced to find reliable legal representation, while calling on the government to make accessing lawyers easier.

The YouGov poll commissioned by Resolution surveyed more than 1,000 divorcees, with 41% of those who had divorced within the last five years reporting that they had suffered mental health problems, including depression and anxiety. More concerning is that 54% said they’d had suicidal thoughts.

Divorce experience worsening

Getting legal advice early when divorcing.

Divorce experience worsening for many people.

The survey seemingly highlights that people’s experience of the divorce process is getting worse. Among people who had divorced more than five years, 29% reported poor mental, while 32% had suicidal thoughts.

There has also been a sharp rise in the number of people attempting a ‘DIY divorce’, with very few people getting legal advice, according to the poll. Among people who got divorced more than five years ago, 35% attempted a DIY divorce, while among those divorcing within the past five years, 57% had turned to a DIY divorce.

Getting legal advice early

According to the survey 63% of respondents said they wished they’d gone about getting legal advice earlier so that they knew their legal rights and options from the outset. Many believe this would have improved their personal experience of the divorce process.

Good Divorce Week

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Get 30 minutes of free legal advice during Good Divorce Week.

The results of the survey come amid Resolution’s Good Divorce Week, which, as Resolution members, Holland Family Law is proudly supporting. From 30 November to 4 December, we are offering 30 minutes of free legal advice for people who need it.

Commenting on the survey, the National Chair of Resolution, Juliet Harvey, said: “In recent years we’ve witnessed a toxic storm where families cannot access professional advice and where people are representing themselves in court often reaching outcomes that are far from amicable.”

This poll shows that as well as driving up conflict, this can be damaging to the wellbeing of everyone involved, especially children. We know that early, professional legal advice helps those facing separation make the most informed decisions for them and their families,” Harvey added.

Lack of awareness

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There are ways to resolve divorce cases out of court.

The survey further found that there was a widespread lack of awareness among respondents about settling divorce matters out of court. Just 21% of people answering the survey knew about arbitration, while only 36% knew about mediation.

Furthermore, the survey identified that 53% of parents wanted to put the best interests of their children at the heart of the divorce process, but struggled. Two in five (37%) of survey respondents reported that their former partner had used the children as ‘bargaining chips’ during divorce proceedings.

Getting legal advice early with Holland Family Law

The Holland Family Law Team Leicester.

Holland Family Law Team Leicester.

We know that your biggest concern is likely to be the cost of getting legal advice early. However, here at Holland Family Law, we’re very clear from the outset when it comes to legal fees.

We are totally transparent with our costs, while offering a number of fixed fees for several of our services. We’re committed to making legal advice and representation easily accessible for you.

If you’re considering divorce or you’ve started the process yourself but need legal advice, we’re here for you. As Resolution members, we work in accordance with a code of practice that aims to resolve cases amicably to minimise the distress and anxiety that comes with getting divorced.

To take advantage of 30 minutes’ free legal advice from 30 November to 4 December, call 0116 436 2170 now to speak to our caring, compassionate team. Alternatively you can email Claire Holland at claire@hollandfamilylaw.co.uk