A top family judge recently pleaded with family lawyers to stop clogging up the Court system with unnecessary applications. According to an article published in the Law Gazette, Judge Stephen Wildblood has urged family lawyers to help clients settle their family matter out of the Courts.

Judge Wildblood’s plea comes following a Court application that was made asking them to get involved in a dispute over where two parties should meet to handover a child. Amid the coronavirus, funding cuts and Court closures, Britain’s legal system is facing a huge backlog of cases and applications such as this are considered a huge waste of time.

How do you keep your family matter out of the courts?

You should instruct a family law firm that makes every effort to keep family matters out of the Courts. Keeping your case out of the Courts is not solely for the sake of easing the strain on the system, it’s actually far more beneficial for all parties involved in a family dispute to try and settle their differences between them following the advice of a family lawyer…

…Why? First and foremost it will keep your legal costs down. Secondly, settling a dispute out of Court keeps you in control of the situation and prevents any further emotional stress that comes with having to appear before a judge. Getting your case to Court doesn’t always mean that the judge will deliver a verdict that you’re hoping for.

The Court actively encourages people to settle disputes outside of a courtroom to reduce distress, particularly where children are involved.

Can Holland Family Law help you keep your case out of the courts?

How to keep your family matter out of the courts.

Holland Family Law can help to keep your family matter out of the courts.

Yes… we can. Similar to the Family Court system, we actively encourage clients to settle family matters out of the Courts with alternative dispute resolution processes. The Holland Family Law legal team has a high success rate for settling divorce cases, financial disputes and other family matters outside of the Courts.

As a long-term member of Resolution – an organisation that champions a constructive approach to family issues through a unique Code of Practice – Holland Family Law is a huge advocate of resolving cases as amicably as possible.

We have seen the damage long, drawn out legal battles can have on people that once loved each other, and in the end, nobody wins. What’s left is bitterness and anger, which can filter down to other members of the family and can be highly damaging – especially when children are involved.

In the Law Gazette article we mentioned, the chair of Resolution’s family law reform group, Jo Edwards, said: “As outlined in our Code of Practice, Resolution members commit to helping clients find the right way forward, including out of Court processes where appropriate.”

Why choose Holland Family Law for out of court settlements?

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It’s better to settle family disputes out of the courts, where possible.

The legal team at Holland Family Law is hugely experienced in settling family matters out of the Courts. As an independent firm, we’re able to take more time to listen, understand and offer solutions that won’t involve a lengthy, costly Court process.

The quest to get a case before a judge is often a knee-jerk reaction to the circumstances one finds themselves in, but on reflection and after sound advice, come to a realisation that a Court battle is not what they want.

Resolving a case outside Court is by no means downplaying your circumstances and nor does it deter from achieving the outcome you want to see. It just gives you a better way to approach your unique situation and keeps you in control. Once your case is in the hands of the Courts, you have no control over the outcome.

Partnering with us gives you the support and legal expertise that you need to tackle, what is already a highly emotional situation, with greater composure and objectivity.

Arrange a free, 30-minute consultation

In most cases, we offer a free, 30-minute ‘fact finding’ consultation. This an opportunity for you to share your circumstances with a family lawyer that will listen and give you frank advice on how best to settle any disputes.

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