Holland Family Law celebrated its third anniversary in August. What a year it’s been! 2020 has been a challenge for us all. The coronavirus pandemic has really tested the resilience of my business these last few months. I’ve had a mix of good and bad days, but there have been many highlights.

Claire Holland.

Named One of the Best Family Lawyers in Leicester by Wise Law

2020 got off to a flying start when I was named as one of the best family lawyers in Leicester by Wise Law! After just three years in business, this came as a complete surprise, but it was an absolute honour to be featured alongside some of the most prestigious family lawyers in Leicester.

Holland Family Law has come a long way in such a short time, and we have helped hundreds of clients since starting out. The messages of support and congratulations received from friends, family and fellow legal professionals over the years has been overwhelming and incredibly encouraging.

New Team

It has been a season of change at Holland Family Law. Coronavirus lockdown measures forced us out of our offices in March and we were operating remotely for a few months. I’ve had to get used to Zoom video calls with clients and managing a business from home, which has been ‘interesting’.

Despite the pandemic, Holland Family Law has been able to add to the team! Since June, we’ve welcomed three new staff, which is just amazing. I’m privileged to have a high-calibre team around me to drive business growth and offer greater support to the clients that we serve.

  • Meet… Jennifer McNeil

    Jennifer McNeil Leicester Family Lawyer.

    Jennifer McNeil.

Jennifer joined Holland Family Law as a senior family law and divorce solicitor in June. She is a Resolution accredited family law specialist with more than 14 years of experience.

Jennifer offers support across all areas of family law, including divorce cases, spousal and financial disputes and child arrangement disputes – including international relocation work and recovery of a child following unlawful removal.

  • Meet… Adam Markillie

    Holland Family Law's Adam Markillie.

    Adam Markillie.

Adam joined Holland Family Law in August. He specialises in private children law and domestic violence cases. Adam spearheads our support services for domestic abuse victims.

Adam previously worked as a specialist money advisor for Leicester Money Advice. He came across many cases of domestic abuse among people with money troubles. After qualifying as a solicitor, he moved into family law with a view to helping domestic abuse victims.

  • Meet… Zoe Holmes

    Holland Family Law's Zoe Holmes

    Zoe Holmes.

Zoe joined Holland Family Law in August as a paralegal. She started her career in the legal profession in London, before moving to the East Midlands with her family in 2017.

Zoe previously worked for a small Leicester law firm as the sole fee earner, with a caseload that included divorce, financial matters and private law children work.

Holland Family Law Going from Strength to Strength

Holland Family Law team Leicester

The new look Holland Family Law team, Leicester.

2020 has been turbulent to say the least, while the journey over the past three years has been a mix of sleepless nights, excitement and lots of hard work. I’ve experienced every emotion, especially in the last few months.

However, despite the challenges, the last three years have been immensely rewarding. With a new team around me, the future looks very bright.

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