Domestic abuse is often perceived to be a man abusing a woman. However, domestic violence toward men by women is a very real issue. Many men tend to suffer in silence at the hands of their abuser for fear of being mocked, but Holland Family Law Leicester takes EVERY domestic abuse case seriously, including male domestic violence.

Back in 2013, the BBC ran a story about the Safe Project, a domestic abuse charity based in our home city, Leicester. The report featured stories of men in Leicester who had suffered serious abuse from their female partners, including physical, emotional, sexual, financial abuse and more.

More Male Domestic Violence Victims Speak Out

Such reports have helped more men speak out and get help if they find themselves trapped in an abusive relationship. Unfortunately, for many years, domestic violence against men has been taken far less seriously than domestic abuse against women, which means a stigma still surrounds the issue.

Nevertheless, from our point of view, when dealing with a domestic abuse case the gender of the victim is immaterial. A recent study shows that 9% of males (approximately 1.4 million men) across the UK had experienced some kind of abuse from a partner. That’s 9% too many.

What we know is that less than 20% of men will report domestic abuse they have suffered to the police or a health professional because they believe they will be scorned, ridiculed or disbelieved, according to Psychology Today.

A research paper published by Dr. Elizabeth Bates at the University of Cumbria, revealed that one male domestic abuse victim had told friends and the police, but both laughed at him.

Laughter a Common Response

Woman laughing at man in male domestic abuse incident.

Laughter is often a common response when men report suffering domestic abuse.

A social experiment highlighted that laughter was the typical response to a male being abused by a female when members of the public were shown a video of a woman being physically aggressive toward a man. The video has now had more than 8 million views.

As family lawyers, our domestic abuse team wants to tackle societal perceptions of domestic abuse toward men and see such abuse stopped. In a society striving so hard to promote equality, male domestic abuse victims need a voice and more legal cases need to be resolved in favour of the victims to show that it will not be tolerated.

Holland Family Law an All-Inclusive Law Firm

Irrespective of race, colour, religion, sexuality or gender, Holland Family Law works with domestic abuse victims in pursuit of a favourable outcome for those who suffer victimization.

Our domestic abuse department specialises in helping victims, offering complete confidentiality and discretion. You can expect sensitive, straightforward legal support, which all begins with a free, 30-minute consultation in the first instance.

Holland Family Law team Leicester

Holland Family Law specialises in male domestic abuse cases.

If you’re a male domestic abuse victim, we’re here to help and sometimes, just asking for that help can ease any stress or anxiety that you’re feeling about taking legal action against an abusive partner.

Ultimately, your well-being is what’s more important, and if legal action is needed to stop the abuse, we’re ready to support you.

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