You can deal with any family law issue yourself, without the need to involve a family law lawyer. However, one wrong ticked box on a legal document or your signature on a badly drafted agreement can end up costing you more than you bargained for. There’s value in hiring a family law lawyer. Here’s why…

The media gives family law lawyers a bad name

The Times newspaper with a headline on no fault divorce.

The press are often guilty of sensationalising high-profile divorce cases.

Family lawyers are often the target of sensationalist journalism, seen to be encouraging divorcing couples to engage in bitter, lengthy court battles to drive up legal fees.

Much of what is said about family law lawyers in the press often involves those working on high net worth cases, which tend to come with hefty legal bills.

Straightforward family law cases simply don’t make the headlines.

What you read about family law lawyers in the media is not a fair reflection of family law firms in general.

Because of press scaremongering, far too often we have worked with clients who have taken advice here and there and initially tried to go it alone, often with catastrophic consequences.

The value of hiring a family law lawyer

Family Law Lawyer duo Claire Holland and Geraldine Watson.

Hiring a family law lawyer is the best way to resolve the legality of your case.

Poor advice can be irreversible and is likely to cause you greater financial damage or hardship than if you’d sought the help of a family law lawyer from the start.

One of the many reasons we come across for failing to hire a specialist family lawyer is a fear of the legal fees.

Because of the divorce cases circulated in the press, there’s a common misconception that hiring a family lawyer will result in bankruptcy.

This simply isn’t true!

The reality is that many parties going through a divorce will face losing their children or financial ruin without specialist legal advice.

Here are some examples of things that either party in a divorce can get so wrong without the correct advice:

  • Ticking the wrong box or completing a section of a divorce petition incorrectly
  • Initially accepting an offer in open negotiations and then later changing their mind
  • Signing a badly drafted child arrangements order or financial consent order
  • Failing to have a financial consent order at all
  • Signing a separation agreement with no understanding of what it means
  • Implicating themselves in Court with things they say to friends, family or on social media
  • Failure to sort finances and assets, which then increase in value or coming into money – all of which a former spouse could potentially claim a share of.

Instruct a family law lawyer

Instructing a family law lawyer could save you thousands long-term. Holland Family Law Leicester specialises in resolving family law matters, with a specialist legal team that can help with divorce and separation cases, financial disputes, child arrangements and more.

In most cases, we offer a free, 30-minute consultation and we have fixed fee service packages available to help keep your costs down. We are a Resolution accredited law firm, serving to resolve cases amicably. To speak with a specialist, Leicester family lawyer call 0116 436 2170 or complete our online contact form.