What is a Financial Remedy Order?

Getting your funds and assets sorted following a divorce or separation can be overwhelming, but it’s got to be done. However, coming to an agreement with your ex-spouse or partner isn’t always straightforward, which is why a financial remedy order may be needed. […]

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Making Sense of Legal Divorce Terms | Divorce Glossary – Part Two

In part two of Holland Family Law’s ‘making sense of legal divorce terms’ series, we explain some of the terminology used when it comes to sorting out your finances in the midst of a divorce. If you’re unsure of any legal terms to do with finances during the divorce process, refer to our glossary. [...]

What are the key grounds for divorce?

There is only one legal ground for divorce in the UK – the irretrievable breakdown of your marriage. The Petitioner in divorce must prove that the marriage has broken down irrevocably when filing a petition with the court. Proof must be established under one or more of the following facts as grounds for divorce… [...]

The Case for No Fault Divorce | Holland Family Law Leicester

Splitting from a partner is often a time of conflict and heartbreak. Divorce and separation puts families under enormous strain and current UK law makes the situation worse by effectively pushing couples to assign blame in order to force through a divorce or face a two-year or five-year wait! No fault divorce can change all [...]

Family Lawyers Leicester: How to Resolve Financial and Property Disputes

As family lawyers Leicester based, we understand that the breakdown of a marriage or civil partnership leaves you feeling raw. This is most evident when former couples look to settle financial obligations and the division of assets, which are often the fuel for a bitter feud. […]

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