Legal Help for False Domestic Violence Accusations in Leicester

False domestic violence accusations are not only harmful to those accused, but genuine victims of domestic abuse. False claims can undermine those facing violence on a daily basis, while destroying the lives of those who are wrongly accused. If you’ve been falsely accused of domestic abuse, you can seek legal help. […]

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What is the Definition of Emotional Abuse in Family Law?

Domestic abuse rears its ugly head in many forms, one of which is emotional abuse. Far less obvious and more difficult to prove than physical violence, emotional abuse can be defined in several ways. But what is considered emotional abuse under family law? […]

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Help for Male Domestic Violence Victims

Domestic abuse is often perceived to be a man abusing a woman. However, domestic violence toward men by women is a very real issue. Many men tend to suffer in silence at the hands of their abuser for fear of being mocked, but Holland Family Law Leicester takes EVERY domestic abuse case seriously, including male [...]

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Domestic Violence Support for the LGBTQ Community

Holland Family Law recently expanded its domestic violence support services to better help victims of abuse from a legal perspective. Anyone can become a victim of domestic abuse regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, background, social status or sexuality. We’re here to support all victims of abuse, including members of the LGBTQ community. […]

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What is a Non-Molestation Order?

If you are the victim of domestic abuse, you can obtain a Non-Molestation Order against your abuser. A Non-Molestation Order is one of two types of order available, the other is an Occupation Order, as part of the Family Law Act 1996. Our specialist domestic abuse support team can help you secure a Non-Molestation Order. [...]

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Domestic Abuse Cases | How Holland Family Law Can Help You

It’s sad, but true… recorded domestic abuse reports among men and women in the UK are alarming. What’s worse is that thousands of domestic abuse incidents go unreported, mainly because victims live in fear. When domestic abuse cases require legal intervention, a sensitive and professional approach is needed. […]

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What are the key grounds for divorce?

There is only one legal ground for divorce in the UK – the irretrievable breakdown of your marriage. The Petitioner in divorce must prove that the marriage has broken down irrevocably when filing a petition with the court. Proof must be established under one or more of the following facts as grounds for divorce… [...]

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