How to Change a Child’s Name as Mum when Dad Has Parental Responsibility

A common question we get asked by Mums is ‘can I change my child’s name when dad has parental responsibility?’ The answer is that ‘it’s possible’, especially if dad has no relationship with the child, his whereabouts are unknown, and you have made every effort to make contact. […]

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What is a Special Guardianship Order?

Our senior family solicitor, Jennifer McNeil, specialises in Special Guardianship Orders. Holland Family Law offers a fixed fee service for Special Guardianship Orders in Leicester and the East Midlands, up to and including the initial hearing. But what is a Special Guardianship Order? […]

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How to Resolve Paternity Disputes

What do you do if you’re told that a child you thought was yours isn’t actually your flesh and blood? What if you’re told that a child is yours, but you’re in doubt? Resolving paternity disputes legally can be a minefield, not to mention highly emotive and difficult for all involved. […]

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Coronavirus, child arrangements and separated parents

The coronavirus lockdown in the UK has raised questions about child arrangements and separated parents. Initially, there was confusion over the rules when Michael Gove suggested that children should ‘remain in the house they’re in.’ However, he has since apologised for causing confusing. So, where do things stand? […]

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School Holidays and Child Arrangement Order Disputes

With the Easter holidays fast approaching, child arrangement order disputes between parents can arise. School holidays can be a contentious time for separated parents, with disagreements over where children should spend their time. The question is, how can child arrangement order disputes be resolved amicably? […]

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The Documents You Need to File for Divorce

To file for divorce, it’s important that you have the right documentation prepared and completed correctly, where necessary. You can instruct Holland Family Law Leicester to help with your divorce case, to ensure that you have all the required documents ready. Here’s a rundown of what you will need. […]

Grandparents’ rights and access to grandchildren: The facts

Access rights for grandparents to their grandchildren is a complicated scenario, but not impossible. If you’re a grandparent faced with alienation from your grandchild(ren), there are steps you can take that will allow you to see them. Here are some of the facts on grandparents’ rights and access to grandchildren… […]

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Child Maintenance Payments: How Are They Calculated?

Child maintenance payments are the jurisdiction of the Child Maintenance Service, not the family courts as many believe. Only in special cases, where child support is sought over and above the usual rate, would the family courts be involved. If you’re seeking child maintenance payments, here are the facts… […]

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What is Parental Alienation? How Do You Fight Parental Alienation Legally?

Following your divorce, has your child become more hostile towards you without justification? Are you being denied access to your child despite sharing custody with your ex-spouse? It’s possible that you’re the victim of parental alienation. Here’s how to deal with parental alienation legally. […]

What is a Separated Parents Information Programme?

In most divorce cases, when parents cannot agree on child arrangements, the Family Court is asked to intervene and make a decision. As part of the process, the Court will instruct parents to attend a Separated Parents Information Programme (SPIP), but what is a SPIP and what does it involve? […]

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